tamborine mountain arts collective

Gaye Dell

Mixed Media Artist

Gaye Dell is a specialist in mixed media photography, acrylics & ink. Her inspiration comes from the animals & the rainforests of Tamborine Mountain and the beauty of the surrounding areas.

Gaye has BA’s in Fine Art (Photography & Painting), Education and Literature and is a full-time painter of mostly local flora and fauna. Australian by birth, Gaye lived in the United States for half her life but in 2004 chose Tamborine Mountain as her home.

“After being away from home for almost 30 years, everything Australian is both fascinating and inspiring. Painting and drawing are my passion and more often than not there is an element of both in my work.

 I use mostly acrylic to handle the paint and colour with a mixture of precision and total abandonment. The image generally appears before my eyes and I follow along, almost as an observer. I add layers of colour and ink until the canvas indicates to me in no uncertain terms, it is finished. I put the knife, brush or pen down and to my surprise (almost every time), it is!”

In the days of yore, Gaye held the world’s fastest time for the 200 metres hurdles for over two years and represented Australia in both the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. She is a proud owner of a silver medal for the 100m hurdles in 1974 in Christchurch, NZ. She’s a little slower these days…

Tmac acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands we operate on, the Wanggerriburras people and pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging.