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Maki Horanai

  » Mountain Dreams

Maki has been living and painting on Tamborine Mountains since 2005.

In her first year she won the St. Bernard’s Art prize, sharing it with other local artists. She then began exhibiting at Marks and Gardner Gallery from 2006-2014 and with their support received her Australian permanent residence. In 2011 Maki and her partner Hillel began to exhibit her work at their own gallery, Mountain Dreams.

About her painting, Maki writes:
“My work has been strongly influenced by the nature of my childhood. I grew up in snowy villages along the sea coast in northern Japan. The severe power of the ocean, together with the pure, clean, quiet atmosphere are deeply embedded in my memory. When I was sleeping, the sound of waves was always in my ears. Away from city lights and tall buildings, the stars and moon were always present overhead at night.I adore the gold background of old paintings of both the east and west, and, as I started to paint, elements of this style surfaced in my work. The works of Giotto (14th century), Fra Angelico (15th century) and Kano Eitoku (16th century) have particularly impressed me. I’m not consciously aware of the meaning of my paintings as I work. If I know it, then probably I can’t paint. Towards the end of each painting, stories make themselves known to me.”

Tmac acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands we operate on, the Wanggerriburras people and pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging.