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Margaret Goldsmith

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Margaret brings the vitality and colour of the Gold coast to the tranquillity of the mountain in her expressionist, colourful figurative paintings for which she has won numerous Art Awards.

Margaret has established a fine art gallery & studio on her property at Bateke Rd @ Mt Tamborine (Golf Course end of the mountain) in the midst of beautiful gardens and orchards with ocean views of the Gold Coast.

“My love of strong colour interwoven with rhythmic design is obvious. I paint from the heart in an expressionistic style with the aim of simplification and directness. When I draw and paint it is for you, the viewer. If it pleases you, it is that your soul is running in tangent with mine”.

Margaret & Neil’s collaboration of Art Glass is accredited by CRAFT MARK, meaning it is works of excellence. The dynamic designs and exciting colours of Bulls Eye Glass are in the form of platters, bowls, framed pictures etc. etc.

“These and many other superb artist encouraged my own handwriting to the fore which is unique in itself. Through my paintings and glass work I attempt to capture a language that does not know stillness, only motion. My work is full of happy predictions, vital paint colours, fresh and vibrant moments of intense pleasure and the uncontrollable happiness of a dance on canvas or paper”. “My aim is to simplify the figure further”.

Tmac acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands we operate on, the Wanggerriburras people and pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging.