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Bronwyn Davies – Painter

Bronwyn Davies is an artist who creates beautiful, thoughtful, layered and detailed artwork with a social and environmental conscience. Her work connects audiences with issues and things that matter.

She is currently working on a project called “If Trees Could Talk”. Creating drawings, paintings, poetry, artist books and animations that reflect the people, stories and events trees have witnessed.

In recent times she has undertaken arts residencies and travels from the forests of Takayna in North West Tasmania where ancient Beech Myrtles link us back to the age of Gondwana, through to Cooktown in Far North Queensland where the towering paperbarks witnessed the arrival of Cook, Banks and Solander.

“I imagine what trees might have seen in their long lives. The ecosystems they are connected to, the small and the big moments in our planets history. It is such rich stimulation for artwork and writing. Trees are the lungs of our planet, we are able to breathe because of them. How they survive through storms, fires and floods is a testament to resilience and gives me great courage.

I’d love to share with you some of my journey but I am also interested in stories visitors have about significant trees in their lives.”

Bronwyn will be exhibiting works from her ‘Colours of the Tropics’ and her ‘Maps and Traces’ series during her open studio weekends.


My studio is part of my house (an original 1952 Tamborine beauty.) Entry is via the driveway onto the deck and into the studio. Macdonnell and Palm Grove National Park are within walking distance as is Staffsmith Park, Gallery Walk, Tamborine Mountain Heritage Centre and Eagle Heights Shops.

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May 11 - 12 2024


10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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