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Fred Beel - Frederick Beel in collaboration with Ozlem Yeni, “How We Think”

Fred Beel – How We Think

This piece is a collaboration between my artist friend Ozlem Yeni who provided the sketch and title. How we Think asks, do you think with your head, heart or gut? Maybe it’s a combination?

Materials: Stainless Steel and Wood
Price: $2,200

About Fred

Frederick Beel is a fitter, machinist, mechanical type who has always had a creative and inventive bent.

He has been successful in the commissioning of several large public art pieces, exhibitions and significant art prizes and awards.

Metal is his favoured medium, but he is quite happy to work with timber, found objects, cement and bronze.



May 04 - 19 2024


10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
Main Street, Tamborine Mountain
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