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Ian Milton – Painter

Ian Milton’s works are dynamic and expressive, the faces jumping off his canvas.

Ian has been an active artist in his spare time for more than 50 years. Ian employs a unique semi-abstract style where images and backgrounds share a colour palette to create stunning figures and portraits in oil, acrylic, and ink wash.

I am a deaf man in the hearing world, although I have been interested in and practising art all of my life, I have not had the same access to economic and cultural opportunities as many of my peers. My education and career were achieved despite poor accessibility, and by negotiating daily barriers that many in the hearing world cannot imagine.

I have been deaf since birth. I studied art in the 1960s under Roy Churcher, Jon Molvig, Merry Moriartry and Bronwyn Yates, but I am predominantly self-taught. I have been an active artist in my spare time for more than 50 years. My works have hung in the Queensland Art Gallery and the Brisbane City Hall Art Gallery and Museum. I have won numerous awards and prizes over the years, including the prestigious Goya national Art Prize.


  • Assessable in Auslan
  • Wheelchair access
  • Street parking
  • Other


May 11 - 12 2024


10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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Len Bytheway's Studio
18 Long Road Tamborine Mountain