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Musterbuck and lizzie flynn

Munsterbucks and Lizzie Flynn

Munsterbucks, two lads from Munster, a province in the South of Ireland, and one from Australia. Tommy Donovan from Kerry (banjo and mandolin) Jack O’Leary from Cork (vocals, guitar and bodhran) and Sam De Santi (fiddle and guitar). All three of them have a rich heritage in playing traditional music both here and overseas. While keeping true to their traditional roots, they bring a unique sense of style and an irresistible groove to their tunes and songs, and they have established a strong name for themselves on the Australian folk scene.

With a combination of lyrical honesty and charming melodies, Lizzie Flynn writes songs that blend a little satirical storytelling with a lot of joyful emotion.


Nov 18 2023


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Live Music


Zamia Theatre
Zamia Theatre, Main Street, Tamborine Mountain QLD, Australia
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