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Susan Lhamo – Painter

Abstraction is my preferred genre, and I like to convey multiple levels of meaning in my work. I’m inspired by landscapes of all kinds but use my memories of landscape as a point of departure when making artworks. The landscape, in my paintings, exists as a metaphor for the psyche, or parts of it, and has symbolic meaning. Use of line and symbols often relating to ancient cultures now passed, are hinted at in my works. Painting as a process is important to me because the artwork unfolds and takes on a life of its own…it creates its own direction. I respond to this with spontaneous and gestural applications of paint. Continually throughout the process I assess colour
relationships and balance shapes, marks, and areas of paint. Colour is highly significant for me as it expresses so many things and I find that I'm attracted to strong vivid colours…I’m constantly experimenting with different combinations, seeing how colours interact and speak to me.

I grew up in Brisbane and made art from an early age, training and then working as an art teacher. In 1987 I moved to northern NSW‚ and found much inspiration from the surrounding forests and ocean. I now reside on Tamborine Mountain, continuing my art practice, and walking in nearby forests. Throughout my career I have participated in numerous group art shows, have held 5 solo exhibitions, and have taught many painting  workshops.

Acrylics on canvas or linen is my favoured medium and my paintings hang in residences and corporate spaces.



May 11 - 12 2024


10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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