tamborine mountain arts collective

TMAC Committee Meeting July

The Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective holds a monthly committee meeting designed to bring together its members to discuss and plan various events, projects, and opportunities that align with the collective’s mission of promoting the arts within the community.

The primary purpose of the monthly committee meeting is to review recent events, plan future activities, explore funding and collaboration opportunities, and discuss strategies for increasing community engagement and membership. The meeting serves as a platform for members to stay informed, share their views, and be involved in decision-making processes that impact the collective’s direction and success. The meeting follows a structured yet informal style, encouraging active participation and open dialogue among members. It aims to create a collaborative atmosphere where creativity and community spirit are at the forefront. Members are encouraged to contribute their ideas, feedback, and expertise to help shape the collective’s activities and initiatives.

Location to be confirmed.


Jul 17 2024


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm