tamborine mountain arts collective
Maki Horanai - Tamborine Mountain

Maki Horanai – Painter, Potter

Maki and Hillel’s Gallery, Mountain Dreams, opened on Tamborine Mountain in 2006, on Gallery Walk. In 2010 we moved to a designed space in our home on Macdonnell Road, where we display Maki’s original paintings and ceramics. We also make books on handmade paper, with prints of Maki’s paintings and Hillel’s poems. We are open […]

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Under the Greenwood Tree - Bookshop & Art Gallery

Under the Greenwood Tree

Under the Greenwood Tree is a small independent bookshop and contemporary art gallery exhibiting quality Contemporary Art by local & Australian artists and an eclectic range of new books. Under the Greenwood Tree is a haven for discerning art and book lovers. An extensive range of art is always on view within the bookshop and […]

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Tamborine Mountain Life Drawing Group

Life Drawing Group

The Tamborine Life Drawing group is an untutored group, you may have seen our work on Facebook where we have over 600 followers. Meeting weekly, we employ professional models who inspire us to convert the actual person before us to an image on paper. Using a variety of mediums from pencil to computers the results […]

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Nicola McIntosh, Ceramics, Drawing, Writer

Nicola McIntosh – Ceramics, Drawing

Nicola is an artist who draws on nature, her Celtic origins and Shamanic practices. Her work encourages self-care and getting back to nature to find peace within yourself. Moving to the mountain around 10 years ago, she found her passion for art and has become an Internationally recognised artist and best-selling author.  

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Charlie E. R. Tibbs: Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

Charlie Tibbs – Sculpture, Drawing

Charlie Tibbs is a magical creature artist inspired by fantasy, mythology and folklore. Her early sculpture work was featured in shops along Gallery Walk, including Fairies on the Walk, Flights of Fancy, Tamborine Dreaming and Amethyst Healing House. She began hosting sculpture workshops in 2014, teaching others how to make dragon miniatures. In 2018 she […]

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Bronwyn Davies - Painter - Tamborine Mountain

Bronwyn Davies – Painter

Bronwyn Davies is an artist who creates beautiful, thoughtful, layered and detailed artwork with a social and environmental conscience. Her work connects audiences with issues and things that matter. She is currently working on a project called “If Trees Could Talk”. Creating drawings, paintings, poetry, artist books and animations that reflect the people, stories and […]

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