tamborine mountain arts collective
Colleen Lavender Flow

Colleen Lavender – Flow

This piece embodies the trust and bond between humans and horses, their pose; a languid stretch after a nice cool down under a hose following a hard days work. This horse was a my saviour through some difficult periods in my youth. Materials: Strip Steel Price: $16,000 About Colleen Colleen is a prolific sculptor renowned […]

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Jen Robson - e360 Design Tamborine Mountain

Jen Robson – Textiles, Homeware

e360 Design is a comprehensive interior design studio and gallery offering a 100% Australian made range of original artwork, soft furnishings and furniture, established by Tamborine Mountain designer Jen Robson. e360 Design offers an abundant range of premium quality homewares, whilst also offering bespoke services in art, textile design, upholstery, wallpaper and original and upcycled […]

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Maki Horanai - Tamborine Mountain

Maki Horanai – Painter, Potter

Maki and Hillel’s Gallery, Mountain Dreams, opened on Tamborine Mountain in 2006, on Gallery Walk. In 2010 we moved to a designed space in our home on Macdonnell Road, where we display Maki’s original paintings and ceramics. We also make books on handmade paper, with prints of Maki’s paintings and Hillel’s poems. We are open […]

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Andrew Moir - Potter - Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

Andrew Moir – Potter

Andrew Moir is an Australian Artist working in ceramics & painting for over 18 years. Andrew offers offers unique hand-built & wheel- thrown ceramics made in store at Potta Studio. Potta Studio has a vast selection of specialty ceramic pieces and a range of quality gifts. His focus is on showing off the clay. He uses […]

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Steve Morgan - Metal-craft - Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

Steve Morgan – Metalwork

Steve Morgan is a trained boilermaker and metal fabricator who worked in the Gold Coast theme parks for two decades. He now works for himself in home and property maintenance on Tamborine Mountain. He recently started his journey to follow a long-time dream creating bespoke wrought iron furniture and garden sculpture. His pieces are made […]

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Cindy Wood - Twig Designs - Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

Cindy Wood – Weaving

Cindy Wood, the creative force behind Twig Designs on Tamborine Mountain, is a passionate and dedicated fibre artist specialising in basketry. Her art reflects a profound love for nature, weaving meticulously foraged natural fibres into pieces that celebrate the diverse colours and textures found in her explorations of beaches, rainforests, paddocks, and her own garden. […]

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Nicola McIntosh, Ceramics, Drawing, Writer

Nicola McIntosh – Ceramics, Drawing

Nicola is an artist who draws on nature, her Celtic origins and Shamanic practices. Her work encourages self-care and getting back to nature to find peace within yourself. Moving to the mountain around 10 years ago, she found her passion for art and has become an Internationally recognised artist and best-selling author.  

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Lisa Bodley - Fabric & Fibre Arts - Tamborine Mountain

Lisa Bodley – Textiles, Mixed Media

As a textile and mixed media artist, Lisa immerses herself in the tactile and versatile world of fibre arts, where every material tells a story. Lisa’s journey is one of exploration and experimentation, guided by a passion for sustainability. In her practice, she celebrates the beauty of imperfection and the harmony of disparate elements coming […]

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Colleen Lavender - Sculptor - Tamborine Mountain

Colleen Lavender – Sculptor

Colleen is a prolific sculptor renowned for her large-scale public artworks. She specialises in transforming recycled steel; ribbon steel, flat plate, Rio bar, and 44-gallon drums, etc. through a fusion of welding techniques, plasma cutting, and unparalleled creativity. Colleen’s journey through the sculptural world has been varied – large public works in Beaudesert, local Queensland […]

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Waylene Currie, Wangerriburra First Nations Artist

Waylene Currie – Painting, Ceramics, Jewellery

Minyaghu I am a mununjali, Wangerriburra woman living on country in Beaudesert, my creativity is focused on first nation’s artwork and storytelling through my continual connection to country and spirit. I practise a variety of mediums varying in digital, acrylic, craft and woodwork of traditional tool making. Essentially everything I do can vary and be […]

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Shelley Courtney, Ceramics, Sculptor - Tamborine Mountain Arts

Shelley C – Ceramics, Sculpture

I am a self taught ceramic artist whose work gathers inspiration from the beautiful surroundings on Tamborine Mountain and the wider Australian landscape. Working out of my small studio, I pride myself on knowing that everything has had a touch point, from conception all the way down to the laser ply tag to show it’s […]

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PJ Pottery - Ceramics Tamborine Mountain

Nicci Parry-Jones – Ceramics, Jewellery

Nicci is a full-time professional potter living on Tamborine Mountain, combining creating with teaching. Nicci’s professional practice spans almost 30 years exhibiting in many solo and group exhibitions in NSW and Queensland. Nicci has travelled extensively and undertaken art residencies in Mexico, USA, Spain and Malaysia. Nicci makes an ever-evolving range of original handmade domestic […]

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Len Bytheway, Leatherwork, Tamborine Mountain Arts

Len Bytheway – Leatherwork

Len Bytheway draws inspiration from saddlers and craft workers worldwide applying a blend of traditional skills such as hand and machine stitching, carving, embossing, braiding and carving techniques. Len has been working in leather for almost 50 years and specialises in wet forming techniques – soaked leather is stretched over custom made timber shapes or […]

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Faerie Fleur - Tamborine Mountain Glassblowing

Faerie Fleur – Glassblowing

Tamborine Glass Blowing is a vibrant glass crafting studio nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast’s Hinterland, Australia, where creativity and craftsmanship converge to bring exquisite glass art to life. Led by the talented glass artist & glass blowing instructor, Faerie Fleur, our studio offers an immersive experience in the ancient art of glassblowing. […]

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Bec Andersen - Rug Maker - Tamborine Mountain

Bec Andersen – Rug Maker

Bec Andersen is a Designer and Rugmaker who lives and works on Tamborine Mountain. She specialises in the design and production of hand tufted rugs. Her rugs are made from 100% wool, which she dyes using both natural and synthetic dyes. Her designs are stylised, contemporary reflections of what  she sees in her environment. Her rugs […]

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