tamborine mountain arts collective
Margaret Goldsmith Studio

Margarget Goldsmith – Painter

Margaret brings the vitality and colour of the Gold coast to the tranquillity of the mountain in her expressionist, colourful figurative paintings for which she has won numerous Art Awards. Margaret has established a fine art gallery & studio on her property at Bateke Rd @ Mt Tamborine (Golf Course end of the mountain) in […]

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Cedar creek lodges - the Gallery

Cedar Creek Lodges Gallery

In November 2021, The Gallery was inaugurated by the Honorable Dame Quentin Bryce. Cedar Creek Lodges undertook a remarkable transformation of their resort lobby and restaurant lounge bar, turning it into The Gallery, a platform dedicated to exhibiting the talents of local artists from Tamborine Mountain and the Scenic Rim. The displayed artwork undergoes a […]

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Brooke De Canha - Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

Brooke De Canha – Painter

Brooke De Canha is a prolific mixed media artist who passionately creates from her home studio. With a decade of dedicated painting experience, Brooke infuses her works with depth, texture, and emotion, inviting viewers into a world of visual storytelling. Her artistry transcends borders, having exhibited her captivating pieces in Queensland, Brunei, and Singapore. Through […]

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Maki Horanai - Tamborine Mountain

Maki Horanai – Painter, Potter

Maki and Hillel’s Gallery, Mountain Dreams, opened on Tamborine Mountain in 2006, on Gallery Walk. In 2010 we moved to a designed space in our home on Macdonnell Road, where we display Maki’s original paintings and ceramics. We also make books on handmade paper, with prints of Maki’s paintings and Hillel’s poems. We are open […]

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Kristy Starbright - Tamborine Mountain Artists Collective

Mountain Fairies Studio

Mountain Fairies Studio, home to the wishing mushroom where worries dissolve & dream’s evolve. Nurture your inner child with our vast range of unique handmade creations inspired by fairies and their friends and the wonders of nature. Explore magical felting designs made with love & Australian merino wool from interactive playful fairies, elves & gnomes […]

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Under the Greenwood Tree - Bookshop & Art Gallery

Under the Greenwood Tree

Under the Greenwood Tree is a small independent bookshop and contemporary art gallery exhibiting quality Contemporary Art by local & Australian artists and an eclectic range of new books. Under the Greenwood Tree is a haven for discerning art and book lovers. An extensive range of art is always on view within the bookshop and […]

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LadyVee- Painter, performer - Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

LadyVee – Painter, Performer

LadyVee is a creative singer/songwriter/poet/visual artist inspired the rainforest on Tamborine Mountain. LadyVee’s song, 11 Days, (inspired by the recent Weather Event of Christmas Night 2023) brings laughter and nods of affirmation to listeners who’ve experienced this and similar events. Current music residency is at The Grand Chameleon. Her art has been produced in chalk […]

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Susan Capan - Painter - Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

Susan Capan – Painter

Susan Capan, director and resident artist of Capanart Gallery, has been painting and drawing all her life. Susan is a self taught, award winning artist, private art teacher for 20 years and guest show judge. Her subject range is diverse, painting vibrant flowers, landscapes, abstracts, surreal rainforests, portraits etc. She is often seen painting in the […]

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Tamborine Mountain Skywalk

Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk

Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk has a dedicated space for the Artist-in-Residence, Trish Price. Every day she can be seen painting scenes of the rainforest and wildlife in the Tamborine area. There is a wall of her works which can be viewed at any time. Her new series, After Dark, shows the forest both in daytime and […]

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Sam Suttie - Painter - Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

Sam Suttie – Painting

Sam Suttie’s artistic journey is a blend of nature’s wonders and the mysteries of the cosmos. Through her captivating artworks, she intertwines botanical elements with creatures from the animal kingdom to craft subtle narratives that transcend the ordinary. Sam has held a number of solo exhibition across Australia over the last five years. This prolific […]

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Michelle Payne - Painter - Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

Michelle Payne – Drawing, Painting

Michelle lives at Tamborine in the Gold Coast  hinterland with her partner Mick and their cattledog Cobba. She divides her time between painting in her studio, painting murals and corporate & group  creative  activities, workshops & classes. Michelle is best known for her large colourful pieces, but also enjoys working with a monochromatic palette.  Her […]

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Gaye Dell - Painter, Illustrator - Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

Gaye Dell – Painter, Illustrator

Gaye Dell is a specialist in mixed media photography, acrylics & ink. Her inspiration comes from the animals & the rainforests of Tamborine Mountain and the beauty of the surrounding areas. Gaye has BA’s in Fine Art (Photography & Painting), Education and Literature and is a full-time painter of mostly local flora and fauna. Australian […]

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Jane Lovelock - Painter - Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

Jane Lovelock – Painter, Jewellery

Jane produces acrylic paintings with a multicultural theme, honouring the music, fabrics and colours with which various cultures enrich our world. The bead weaving jewellery I make also honours the heritage of cultures like Africa, Native American and Middle Eastern design.

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Jane McGeough, Singer, Painter

Jane McGeough – Painter

Jane is a dynamic Artist, Singer Songwriter and Teacher living on beautiful Wangerriburra country on Tamborine Mountain. Jane creates expressive, colourful portrait and landscape paintings as well as a variety of works on paper. She has a bold, spontaneous style, exploring luminous colour and the texture of paint to capture the spirit of a person […]

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Jallo Vassallor, Painter. Tamborine Mountain Artists Collective. TMARTS2024

Jallo – Painter

Jallo is a passionate artist finding inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds her. The local flora and fauna have become integral elements of her artistic expression, as well as any subject that takes her fancy. Oil pastels have become her medium of choice, allowing her to translate the vibrant hues and dynamic textures of […]

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Caroline Barnard, Artist, Tamborine Mountain TMARTS2024

Caroline Barnard – Painter

Growing up in Kenya gave me a strong appreciation of nature and a desire to capture its detail through Art. I left Africa when I was 16 years old and after graduating with a first-class degree in Scientific illustration in London some years later, I worked as a freelance illustrator producing commissioned work by a […]

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Susan Lhamo, Artist, Tamborine Mountain

Susan Lhamo – Painter

Abstraction is my preferred genre, and I like to convey multiple levels of meaning in my work. I’m inspired by landscapes of all kinds but use my memories of landscape as a point of departure when making artworks. The landscape, in my paintings, exists as a metaphor for the psyche, or parts of it, and […]

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Felicity Smith - Painter Sculptor - Tamborine Mountain Art

Felicity Smith – Painting, Sculpture

Felicity Smith is a classically trained sculptor and painter living and working in the Scenic Rim. “The demands of modern life can sometimes leave us feeling fragmented and disconnected. My work is a celebration of Nature and the profound connections we humans make with other animals. Taking time out in Nature is the perfect antidote […]

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Ian Milton, Artist, Tamborine Mountain

Ian Milton – Painter

Ian Milton’s works are dynamic and expressive, the faces jumping off his canvas. Ian has been an active artist in his spare time for more than 50 years. Ian employs a unique semi-abstract style where images and backgrounds share a colour palette to create stunning figures and portraits in oil, acrylic, and ink wash. I […]

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Ryan Gittoes - Knoll Road Studio - Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

Belle & Ryan – The Knoll Studio

Located in the heart of Tamborine Mountain, The Knoll Studio is a grass roots, dynamic hub for artists and art lovers, connecting them to a global audience through video and digital media. With strong roots in the mountain community, The Knoll Studio is community focused and committed to rekindling the arts after the challenges of […]

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Lynette Harvey - Painter, Knitwear designer, Tamborine Mountain

Lynette Harvey – Textiles, Painting

LynAdell (Lynette Harvey) is an established Knitwear Designer with an international following. Lynette loves to work using a variety of unusual fibres and yarns and her knitwear designs go well beyond a basic sweater. Each of Lynette’s design embraces liberation and individuality without sacrificing the foundational benefits of knitwear, such as comfort and versatility, providing […]

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Waylene Currie, Wangerriburra First Nations Artist

Waylene Currie – Painting, Ceramics, Jewellery

Minyaghu I am a mununjali, Wangerriburra woman living on country in Beaudesert, my creativity is focused on first nation’s artwork and storytelling through my continual connection to country and spirit. I practise a variety of mediums varying in digital, acrylic, craft and woodwork of traditional tool making. Essentially everything I do can vary and be […]

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Lilly Piri - Painter - Tamborine Mountain

Lilly Piri – Painter

At Lilly’s studio, you can check out her working space, the objects that inspire her still life, as well as watch her paint live during the Arts Trail. Feel free to stop in to chat about technique and all things painting. You will also have the opportunity to purchase paintings, and check out newly finished […]

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Bronwyn Davies - Painter - Tamborine Mountain

Bronwyn Davies – Painter

Bronwyn Davies is an artist who creates beautiful, thoughtful, layered and detailed artwork with a social and environmental conscience. Her work connects audiences with issues and things that matter. She is currently working on a project called “If Trees Could Talk”. Creating drawings, paintings, poetry, artist books and animations that reflect the people, stories and […]

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