tamborine mountain arts collective
Beth Jackson

Sculptor Breakfast

Sculptor breakfast at the conclusion of the Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, exclusively for exhibiting sculptors. Renowned curator Beth Jackson, specializing in contemporary art and public artworks, will host a breakfast event discussing the exhibited works. Gain insights and inspiration for future endeavors as you enjoy a morning of networking and dialogue with fellow creators. About Beth Jackson […]

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Colleen Lavender Flow

Colleen Lavender – Flow

This piece embodies the trust and bond between humans and horses, their pose; a languid stretch after a nice cool down under a hose following a hard days work. This horse was a my saviour through some difficult periods in my youth. Materials: Strip Steel Price: $16,000 About Colleen Colleen is a prolific sculptor renowned […]

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Rae Saheli

Rae Saheli – Passing through

Passing through is a series of aluminium cylinders using the artists distinctive art making technique. Rae’s unique process favour’s chance and curiously explores the intersection of aluminium and shot pellet, as the small protrusions warp the aluminium creating dynamic, textures. Materials: Aluminium Price: $700 each About Rae Saheli Rae Saheli explores the intersection between random […]

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Sharon Le Mesurier - Germination

Sharon Le Mesurier – Germination

A kinetic piece that reflects the connection between the role of fire and flora germination. An old charcoaled tree stump protects a newly germinated plant from the harshness of the elements, while the freshly sprouted leaf displays resilience as it flurries in the wind. Materials: Steel and Wood Price: $13,500 Sharon is an artist whose […]

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Trebor - Windborne

The Artist Trebor – Windborne

Leaning forward and standing strong to counter the wind’s mischief that is trying to push me back and have me fall, I stand majestically with arms outstretched like the wings of the mighty condor. The crisp chilled stream of air rushes past my body, exiting behind me in a turbulent flurry of silken sleeves, jacket […]

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Felicity Smith - Painter Sculptor - Tamborine Mountain Art

Felicity Smith – Nobilitas

Nobilitas is the celebration of the profound bond humans share with horses – our most noble companions. By bringing this sculpture to life, the artist has drawn on this ancient partnership spanning 4,000 years and presents the viewer with the strength, dignity, and immense beauty that is the essence of this majestic animal. Materials: Gypsum […]

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Wave Beach - Re-rooted


Wave has been an amateur performance artist his entire life, finding opportunities to explore different versions of self, applying interpretive masks, and allowing materials in the moment to lead him into pure spontaneous creativity. Re-Rooted is a live performance on the lawns of the Grand Chameleon. The performance is centred around a land art sculpture, […]

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Charlie Tibbs - Dragon Sculpting

Dragon Sculpting Workshop with Charlie Tibbs

I have a passion for dragons, and I’m thrilled to hear that you do too! Let’s collaborate on bringing your dragon design to life through the intricate process of design and sculpting. Together, we’ll unleash your creativity and craft your very own majestic dragon masterpiece. In this workshop you will learn the basics of sculpture […]

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Antone Bruinsma – The Mystery

This sculpture symbolises Nature, represented here by a blossoming flower, opening, and sharing the mysterious beauty of life. It embraces the essence of our search and understanding of the connection and evolvement we have with the natural environment. Filled with this wondrous gift, our humanity is enriched and reassured. Materials: Rosa freestone, granite and sandstone […]

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Richard Howie - Tamborine Mountain

Richard Howie – Bush Rock

In this found piece of weathered bush rock I am exploring the shapes, forms and textures of the amazing natural environment of Tamborine Mountain. By cutting away the weathered sections to expose the harder basalt beneath I am looking to create facets, both concave and convex and to allow light to play off these surfaces […]

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Kuweni Dias Mendis

Kuweni is a Sri Lankan-Australian artist based in Beechmont Australia and Bibile Sri Lanka, draws inspiration from her diasporic experience, weaving a rich tapestry of culture and identity in her work. A certified Regenerative Practitioner from Regenesis USA, Kuweni employs raw mark making, regenerative practices, and cultural facilitation in her artistic endeavors. Her creations, rooted […]

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Fred Beel - Frederick Beel in collaboration with Ozlem Yeni, “How We Think”

Fred Beel – How We Think

This piece is a collaboration between my artist friend Ozlem Yeni who provided the sketch and title. How we Think asks, do you think with your head, heart or gut? Maybe it’s a combination? Materials: Stainless Steel and Wood Price: $2,200 About Fred Frederick Beel is a fitter, machinist, mechanical type who has always had […]

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Colleen Lavender - Sculptor - Tamborine Mountain

Colleen Lavender – Sculptor

Colleen is a prolific sculptor renowned for her large-scale public artworks. She specialises in transforming recycled steel; ribbon steel, flat plate, Rio bar, and 44-gallon drums, etc. through a fusion of welding techniques, plasma cutting, and unparalleled creativity. Colleen’s journey through the sculptural world has been varied – large public works in Beaudesert, local Queensland […]

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Felicity Smith - Painter Sculptor - Tamborine Mountain Art

Felicity Smith – Painting, Sculpture

Felicity Smith is a classically trained sculptor and painter living and working in the Scenic Rim. “The demands of modern life can sometimes leave us feeling fragmented and disconnected. My work is a celebration of Nature and the profound connections we humans make with other animals. Taking time out in Nature is the perfect antidote […]

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Charlie E. R. Tibbs: Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective

Charlie Tibbs – Sculpture, Drawing

Charlie Tibbs is a magical creature artist inspired by fantasy, mythology and folklore. Her early sculpture work was featured in shops along Gallery Walk, including Fairies on the Walk, Flights of Fancy, Tamborine Dreaming and Amethyst Healing House. She began hosting sculpture workshops in 2014, teaching others how to make dragon miniatures. In 2018 she […]

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Kate French, Artist, Tamborine Mountain

Kate French – Sculpture

Kate has been a sculptor on Tamborine Mountain for over 30 years. Everything about her life and home is about creativity. Her studio and garden are a delight for the senses. Kate’s work is whimsical and full of character. “I am fascinated by the range of expression and subtle micro-movements a face can show , […]

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